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Discover Facial Fillers – For Men!

Blog-ImageThink about what the average facial filler client looks like. Did you picture a woman?

If you did, then you might be in for a surprise: More men are discovering the youth-enhancing benefits of facial fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, and Radiesse. While each filler is designed to treat different parts of the face (and even the body), they all have one thing in common: men are using them, too!

Let’s face it: Men are concerned about aging just as much as women. For many men, looking younger can have both personal and professional benefits. Aside from boosting confidence levels, minimizing the appearance of facial wrinkles and creases can make men appear more energetic and capable at work.

As we age, our faces tend to lose precious fat around the cheeks and underneath the eyes. This side effect of aging can create sagging cheeks and hollow eyes, which can take years off of a man’s face. No matter how smooth a man’s skin might become via Botox injections, once he’s lost that facial fat, it can be difficult to achieve a naturally youthful appearance.

Additionally, any remaining fat tends to droop downward, which can create sagging skin. Older skin loses its elasticity, which means that this sagging effect can create deep wrinkles around the nose and mouth (also known as nasolabial folds). In some cases, sagging skin can lead to jowls, or the dreaded “turkey neck.”

Enter facial fillers. These injections are designed to pump up the volume in the places you need it the most. Rather than smoothing away wrinkles, facial fillers add volume to the mid-face – in other words, put volume back where it used to be. This can help lift the cheeks and mid-face, which can also minimize the appearance of nasolabial folds and other deep facial wrinkles. When the mid-face is full, a hollow appearance of the lower eyes may be improved.

Men and women age differently; therefore, facial fillers should be used appropriately. Most men will see the best benefits from mid-face injections, as well as subtle contouring around the jawline. The goal is to create a stronger, more masculine jawline – and that can help take years off of your appearance.

Interested in facial fillers for men? Schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Doherty at one of his two practices in downtown Boston and Brookline,MA. Dr. Doherty serves the greater metro Boston, MA area.

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