//Discover Natural Breast Augmentation Results in Boston, MA

Discover Natural Breast Augmentation Results in Boston, MA

natural breast augmentationThe best breast augmentation procedures should be so subtle that no one can tell you’ve had work done. Breast augmentation shouldn’t be done to stand out in a cartoonish way; rather, it should be done to enhance your natural curves and help store your inner confidence.

Sean Doherty, MD of Sean Doherty, MD – located in Brookline, Massachusetts and serving the greater Boston area – offers breast augmentation procedures that produce attractive and subtle results for your body shape.

Breast augmentation – commonly referred to as a “breast job” or “boob job” – involves placing saline or silicone implants in the bust area to increase the size of the breasts while maintaining a firm, natural-looking form. If you’re interested in undergoing a breast augmentation procedure in Boston, it’s important to assess your candidacy based on the following parameters:

  • You’ve been dissatisfied with the size or shape of your breasts.
  • You want to correct asymmetrical breasts.
  • You have lost firmness or volume as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, or aging.
  • Your breasts are not in proportion to the size and shape of your body.

At Sean Doherty, MD, our breast augmentation procedures are performed under a general anesthesia in the hospital. Incisions will be made based on the type of implant you’ve selected, which will be determined during your initial consultation with Dr. Doherty. This ensures that you achieve the desired results from your breast augmentation procedure, as well as understand what will happen during the surgery. Incisions can be made inside the armpit, underneath the crease of the breast, or around the edge of the areola.

After the surgery, your chest will be wrapped with gauze and a support bra. This ensures that your breast implants are protected and supported while you recovery from the procedure. The recovery time itself can vary based on the patient; some patients are able to return to most normal activities after a week, while some may need more time to recover. Exercise and heavy lifting are not recommended during the recovery period. Swelling is common for the first few weeks, after which the shape and size of your new breasts will look normal.

If you’re ready for a new silhouette, visit Dr. Doherty and his team at Sean Doherty, MD in Brookline, MA for a breast augmentation consultation. You can reach us by calling (617) 735.8735, or by filling out the form in the top right corner.



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