//Enjoy a New Silhouette with Liposuction in Boston, MA

Enjoy a New Silhouette with Liposuction in Boston, MA

concord ma lipoDiet and exercise are keys for living a healthy life – but sometimes this isn’t enough for shedding unwanted weight. Weight gain after pregnancy, aging and genetics can prevent even the most diligent individual from achieving a slimmer and healthier silhouette, which is why many people choose to undergo a liposuction procedure.

If you’re interested in removing stubborn pounds from your body, schedule a consultation with Sean Doherty, MD at Sean Doherty, MD in Brookline, Massachusetts (serving the greater metro Boston area). Dr. Doherty offers liposuction as a treatment option for patients who may want to remove fat from their buttocks, thighs, hips, stomach, upper arms, and other popular treatment areas.

Before undergoing liposuction, it’s important to remember that this surgical body shaping technique is not a permanent solution to weight-loss. The patients who will achieve the most success from this procedure are those who are using it as a supplement to an active and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, ensure that your lifestyle is conducive to the results you’ll achieve after undergoing a liposuction procedure.

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At Sean Doherty, MD, Dr. Doherty can perform the following surgical procedures:

  • Tumescent liposuction: This procedure begins with Dr. Doherty injecting the treatment area with a saline solution, which contains small amounts of adrenaline and local anesthetic. This is done to decrease blood loss while increasing the amount of fatty tissue that can be removed during the procedure.
  • Laser Liposuction: Dr. Doherty offers LifeSculpt ™ laser liposuction (powered by SlimLipo™), which is an innovative procedure that delivers dual wavelengths of laser light at the desired treatment area. The laser light melts away fat without exposing the body to trauma. In addition to this benefit, laser liposuction can tighten the skin in the treatment area, resulting in a firmer and slimmer appearance.
  • Syringe Liposuction: This type of liposuction procedure is often used with smaller treatment areas, such as the face and neck. A delicate syringe is used to shape the area, resulting in more precise contouring. Patients who have small amounts of unwanted fat in the neck or jawline may be ideal for this type of procedure.

Recovery after a liposuction procedure can vary, as some patients may require the use of a draining tube for a few days after the surgery. Patients are fitted with an elastic compression garment to help retain the shape and reduce swelling. You may return to work after a few days of recovery, and resume intensive activities and fitness regimens after a month.

To schedule your liposuction consultation, contact Dr. Doherty at Sean Doherty, MD in Brookline, MA today. We serve all of the greater Boston area, so just fill out the form on the top right corner or call (617) 735.8735 to learn more.

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