//Experience Body Contouring Tummy Tucks in Boston, MA

Experience Body Contouring Tummy Tucks in Boston, MA

body contouring BostonA flat and toned abdomen is a pursuit that millions of men and women undertake; unfortunately, the tummy can also be one of the most difficult parts of the body to slim and contour. Genetics and aging can make it difficult to shed weight from the abdomen area, while post-pregnancy tummies can be difficult to tone. For those individuals who want a flatter abdomen – and already follow a healthy and active lifestyle – the answer may be found with an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck.

Sean Doherty, MD of Sean Doherty, MD in Brookline, Massachusetts – serving the greater Boston metro area – provides patients with abdominoplasty procedures that produce natural-looking results. If you meet the following parameters, you may be an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck:

  • You have loose or weakened abdominal muscles as a result of pregnancy or aging.
  • You have sagging skin in the stomach area as a result of aging, significant weight loss, or pregnancy.
  • You have fat in the lower stomach area (also known as a “tire”) that won’t budge even with exercise and a healthy diet.

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If you meet any of the above parameters, an abdominoplasty procedure may provide you with the body contouring results you desire.

During the abdominoplasty procedure, Dr. Doherty will place a horizontal incision area in the lower stomach area (just above the pubic hair line). The incision is placed here so patients can cover any surgical marks with underwear or bathing suit bottoms. After making the incision, Dr. Doherty will bring together any loose muscles and stitch them together for a tighter stomach. Once this step is completed, Dr. Doherty will remove excess skin from the stomach, resulting in a trim and contoured waistline. Liposuction is often done in conjunction with the abdominoplasty procedure to improve the resulting waist line.

Recovery from your abdominoplasty procedure will take at least two weeks, as this is the time that’s needed to reduce swelling and bruising. Dr. Doherty recommends that patients walk around during this recovery time, as this can help stomach muscles get used to their new positions. After the swelling has decreased, patients will notice a trimmer waistline and a smaller stomach.

If you’d like to learn more about tummy tucks at Sean Doherty, MD in Brookline, MA, please contact Dr. Doherty to schedule an abdominoplasty consultation. During this consultation, you and Dr. Doherty will discuss your desired results and your lifestyle to determine your best treatment approach.

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