Ear Reshaping

Ear surgery, also called Otoplasty, can be performed on patients of all ages. The most common indications for ear surgery are to reduce the size of large ears and to reposition ears that stick out too far from the head. Otoplasty may also be used to reshape ears that have been malformed due to birth defects.

The majority of ear surgery is performed on school-age children, although the procedure is useful for patients of all ages. Many of Dr. Doherty’s adult Otoplasty patients choose to have their ears altered in order to keep their face proportional after rhinoplasty or chin implants.

The Ear Surgery Procedure

When correcting the angle of protruding ears, Dr. Doherty is able to create an incision behind the ear that will not be visible after the surgery. By carefully sculpting and bending the cartilage in the ear, Dr. Doherty will create the desired look for the ear, then suture it into its new location.

After surgery, the ears will be dressed in a heavy bandage; this will be replaced with a more lightweight “headband” style of bandage after a few days. Both children and adults can return to school or work after about a week. Heavy activity in which the ears may be bumped should be avoided for about a month.

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