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There are many different noses. There are many different beautiful noses. There is no set standards for the definitions of a beautiful nose. One nose may suit one face and not another. For someone who feels that a different nose would improve the appearance of their face, rhinoplasty may be appropriate. Boston-area plastic surgeon, Sean Doherty, is skilled in the artistic considerations necessary for a successful nasal surgery, and can help make the right decisions for the best results.

Dr. Doherty corrects nasal imperfection with advanced rhinoplasty techniques. Noses that are too wide or long may be surgically reduced. Large or improperly formed and unaesthetic nasal tips may be reshaped. Crooked or twisted nasal bridges may be straightened. Dr. Doherty can may improve airflow for patients whose noses are internally malformed. The final surgical result of rhinoplasty will be a nose that is flattering and in proportion to the rest of a patient’s face.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

During surgery, Dr. Doherty will make incision inside the nose. This eliminates any visible scarring. In cases needing more extensive work, a small incision may be placed across the area of skin between the nostrils.
Dr. Doherty reshapes the bone and cartilage to achieve a stable and harmonious shape. When finished, he will then redrape the skin on the new nose, suture the incision, and apply a splint and other dressings to help the nose heal.

After the Rhinoplasty

For the first day or two after the rhinoplasty procedure, patients will most likely feel achy and swollen. Experiencing a headache and some pain in the nasal area are not uncommon. Dr. Doherty will prescribe pain medication to help alleviate the discomfort. The swelling will begin to decrease after three to five days and bruising will fade after one to two weeks.

A nose is one of a patient’s most unique features. If you are considering a change through rhinoplasty, contact Dr. Sean Doherty at his Boston or Brookline, MA office today for a personalized consultation. Call his Boston (617) 450.0070 or Brookline (617) 735.8735 office to learn more today.

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