//How Much Should a Breast Augmentation Cost?

How Much Should a Breast Augmentation Cost?

You’ve been considering getting a breast augmentation for months now. You’ve done all the research, including picking out the type of implant you’d want and the size you’d like to be. Everything’s telling you that you’re ready to undergo this potentially life-changing surgery…

Except your wallet.

A breast augmentation can be an expensive investment, depending on the plastic surgeon you’re using and the area where you’re receiving treatment. However, a breast augmentation isn’t a procedure that you’ll want to skimp on. Using a well-qualified and experienced surgeon may be more expensive, but you’re also much more likely to get the results you want without running risks to your health.

If you’d like to undergo a breast augmentation procedure with Sean Doherty, MD – located in Brookline, Massachusetts and serving the greater metro Boston area – the fee can vary from $6,000 to $9,000. The reason why prices vary is because there are four components to determining the fee:

  • The cost of the implant;
  • The surgeon’s fee;
  • The anesthesia fee; and
  • The hospital/facility fee

The surgeon’s fee can vary; however, Dr. Doherty recommends speaking with board certified plastic surgeons who operate with board certified anesthesia teams in certified and accredited facilities. What’s more, you should only work with a plastic surgeon who uses FDA-approved breast implant devices.

It’s in your best interest to meet with two to three board certified plastic surgeons, as this can help you determine who best aligns with your aesthetics and personality. You can also include the office staff in your decision, as you want to work with professionals who make you feel comfortable and safe. Additionally, if you want the most natural results, you need to ensure that everyone is on the same page as you.

If you’re met with an extremely low price, it’s important to find out why that price is so low. What’s not included in the price? Is the doctor just trying to fill his or her schedule? Are your needs truly being considered?

Ideally, your plastic surgeon should discuss several variables at the time of consultation, including implant shape and type, implant size, incision location, submuscular or subglandular location, natural/pre-operative symmetry, risk of capsular contracture, and your expected downtime.

For more information about the breast augmentation procedure and to see if you’re a good candidate, schedule a consultation with Dr. Doherty at his practice in Brookline, MA, serving the greater Boston area. To learn more simply fill out the form in the top right corner or call (617) 735.8735.


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