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Injectable Skin Fillers

Skin is made up of two layers. The outer most layer of skin is called the epidermis. It is a protective layer that controls the loss of water from our bodies. Below the epidermis is the dermis which is made up of collagen—a protein. Collagen forms the network of support of our skin.

When skin is young, the collagen framework is strong, healthy and intact. This allows the skin to be moisturized and elastic. Young skin is strong and resilient. Lines that appear when smiling or frowning disappear after smiling. This is because the skin is elastic. Over time, the collagen framework weakens and skin tends to lose its elasticity. Older skin is less resilient, so the facial lines that appear with a smile or frown do not disappear when there is no smiling or frowning.

While surgery remains the best way to achieve long-lasting results, soft tissue skin fillers can create significant improvement in patients of most ages. Patients who come to our practice for facial fillers report improvement in the following areas:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Increase in tissue volume
  • Skin contour improvement in areas of acne scarring

Soft tissue augmentation using fillers injected just below the skin’s surface may add volume to the face and smooth deep lines and crevices that no not respond to surface treatments. Hyaluronic acids and calcium hydroxylapatite produce an immediately visible difference in the skin’s appearance. Filler injections with eventually lose their form and wear down. Touch ups and repeat treatments are required to maintain the desired result over time.

Each of the fillers offered at our practice has certain advantages. In most cases, a combination therapy may result in the best effect. Dr. Doherty looks forward to discussing all of the possibilities of facial filler injections.