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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Skin that has become aged, rough and blotchy can be easily refreshed through laser skin resurfacing. This cosmetic procedure uses a laser to remove damaged layers of skin. As new skin cells develop, they present a firmer, more youthful appearance. Fine facial lines, age spots, sun spots, and other uneven areas of pigmentation can also be successfully treated with this procedure.

Dr. Doherty has extensive experience in the use of non-ablative and ablative skin resurfacing. Utilizing the Cynosure/Palomar® Starlux® platform as well as the Pearl® fractional resurfacing technology, Dr. Doherty performs ablative, non-ablative or a combination resurfacing technique. The non-ablative laser used in the office is a 1540nm laser. Dr. Doherty and his staff use this laser for plumping and rejuvenation of the dermal layer of the skin. The dermis is the strength layer. When this is treated with a non-ablative treatment, it’s strength is improved and the skin on the surface appears firmer and plumper. Dr. Doherty also uses this laser to treat scars. Appropriate scar care with the 1540nm usually requires at least four treatments done every 3-4 weeks.

The Cynosure/Palomar® Lux2940™ nm ablative laser is what Dr. Doherty uses for patients who wish to have more significant facial skin resurfacing. Healthy patients who are concerned with fine lines, pigment irregularity and overall skin texture issues are excellent candidates for a Lux2940™ nm facial resurfacing procedure. Dr. Doherty performs this treatment in the office with topical skin anesthetic. Patients are required to do skin soaks on the treated area for 3-4 days after the treatment to clear the treated skin. At this point, patients have a light pink color to their treated skin that may last up to 7-10 days. Patients may easily cover this up for mineral concealer makeup.

The “Combo” procedure that Dr. Doherty is performing in his office is a combination resurfacing treatment for appropriate patients.  Dr. Doherty performs both non-ablative and ablative therapy in the same day. Dr. Doherty has found that this combination treatment provides for even more rejuvenation of the skin. There is significant overall skin plumping, improvement in fine lines, improvement in facial pigment and even some skin tightening. Both Dr. Doherty and his patients are thrilled with the results.

This “Combo” procedure is often tailored for each patient. Some patients require several 1540nm non-ablative fractional treatments done PRIOR to the ablative/non-ablative combination procedure. These are done four weeks apart in the months prior to the combination procedure. These extra treatments provide more collagen building and fibroblast production that helps improve overall skin results.


Dr. Doherty is most impressed with the results of his patients that have facial neurotoxin treatment with either BOTOX® or Dysport™ and then two weeks later undergo a Combination Ablative/Non-ablative Laser Resurfacing. Dr. Doherty has found that when facial wrinkles are relaxed with either Dysport™ or BOTOX®, the laser resurfacing is even more effective. The results are amazing and his patients are so pleased with their results.

In his Brookline and Boston offices, Dr. Doherty is able to offer resurfacing with the Pearl® Fractional laser. This laser is highly effective in achieving results for those interested in facial rejuvenation.

If you feel that the skin on your face or around your eyes is dull and dry-looking and you see fine wrinkles, contact Dr. Doherty, serving the entire Boston area, to learn more about the possibilities of laser skin resurfacing.

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