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Men: Want to Get Rid of That Double Chin?

Dr-Doherty-Blog-ImageFor many men, having a double chin can be an aggravating problem. Unlike your arms or stomach, you can’t exactly target your chin with exercises – and no matter how sculpted your body might be, having a double chin gives the illusion that you’re out of shape.

If the above sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Men tend to have a thicker central fat pad in the neck than women, which makes them more prone to developing a double chin. Additionally, this fat pad can be bulkier, which often results in excess chin fat that just won’t go away, no matter how dedicated you are to working out or eating clean foods.

Fortunately, you don’t have to grow a beard to cover up your double chin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Sean Doherty, MD – with practices in downtown Boston and Brookline, MA – can provide you with a subtle yet effective solution that will send your double chins packing.

Kybella is a brand-new solution to double chins that’s recently been approved by the FDA. This injectable treatment uses a deoxycholic acid to dissolve fat in the chin area, resulting in a smoother and more contoured look. What’s more, Kybella offers a permanent solution to chin fat, which makes this a viable alternative treatment to other more invasive procedures.

In other words, Kybella is a total game changer.

Men who undergo this treatment can have excellent results, as the removal of such thick and stubborn fat can completely change the shape of the face – for the better! Patients should expect to undergo a series of three to five treatments, all of which can be done right in Dr. Doherty’s office on Newbury Street in Boston or in Brookline, MA. There’s minor downtime associated with this procedure; however, patients should expect to see some swelling for 24-36 hours after treatment.

If you’ve been suffering from a stubborn double chin and want to skip expensive implants and liposuction, then it’s time to introduce yourself to Kybella. Call (617) 450-0070 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Doherty at one of his two plastic surgery practices. Dr. Doherty serves the greater metro Boston, MA area.

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