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Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures That Make a Difference!

Think that plastic surgery is just for women?  Think again – more men than ever are discovering how plastic surgery can help them look younger, thinner, and much more rejuvenated.  In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it’s estimated that over 214,000 men underwent plastic surgery in 2016 alone (a 3% increase [...]

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What Are Man Boobs, and How Can They Be Treated?

Man boobs (also known as “moobs”) is an unfortunate nickname given to gynecomastia – a medical condition where a man develops a proliferation of glandular tissue on the chest.  As a result, the man’s chest takes on a shape that resembles a woman’s breast; hence the common term, “man boobs.” Gynecomastia often occurs during three [...]

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What Are Boston Men Doing For Man Boobs?

Boston men, listen up – it’s time to stop using the words “man boobs.” If you’re struggling with excessive breast tissue, you could have a condition known as gynecomastia. While the jury’s still out about what specifically causes gynecomastia (it’s usually attributed to genetics, weight gain, loose skin, and/or the aging process), there are surgical [...]

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