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This Body Part is Giving Away Your Real Age

Let’s face it – you’re committed to maintaining the best anti-aging skincare routine possible.

You regularly slather on creams, serums, and anything else that promises to make you look younger. You’ve experimented with fillers and Botox, trying to achieve that smoother, fuller look. You’ve even considered getting a facelift once you lose elasticity in your facial skin.

But it’s not your face that’s giving away your actual age – in fact, you’ve probably been ignoring this body part all along.

It’s your hands.

Why Your Hands Reveal Your Actual Age

Surprised? Don’t be – your hands are just as vulnerable to aging as your face and neck. Like the face, your hands begin to lose their plumpness as you age, making wrinkles, lines, and veins more obvious. This fat loss can make hands look veiny, bony, and fragile – all of which are telltale signs of the aging process.

Additionally, skin can become thinner and lose vital elasticity. This effect doesn’t just lead to skin sagging; it can also show otherwise-hidden signs of sun damage.

So what can be done to reverse the signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance to your hands?

Introducing Hand Augmentation Treatments

To counteract obvious signs of aging, more plastic surgeons are using an innovative new treatment known as hand augmentation. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon uses filler injections (like Juvederm and Radiesse) to re-plump the volume loss, which ends up softening the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Fillers that contain hyaluronic acid can also increase collagen production, thus creating long-term results.

For more severe cases, plastic surgeons can use fat grafting to augment the appearance of the hands. Fat is harvested from a donor site (typically the stomach or thighs), then re-injected into the hands. Since the fat is being harvested from your own body, they won’t get rejected, meaning you can enjoy your youthful new hands with more confidence.

Don’t forget to supplement your newfound results with moisturizers, serums, vitamin C and retin-A creams. Anything that works for your face can be used on your hands as well!

Schedule a Hand Augmentation Consultation

For more information on how to make your hands look younger, schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Doherty. Dr. Doherty operates at his two practices in downtown Boston and Brookline, MA. Call (617) 450-0070 to learn more.

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