//What Should I Do If Something Happens To My Implants?

What Should I Do If Something Happens To My Implants?

breast implant warrantyFor many clients, breast augmentation provides increased confidence and satisfaction with the shape of their bodies. However, many clients may be concerned about the long-term implications associated with breast augmentation, including the viability of their breast implants. With that in mind, many clients bring up one of the most important questions to ask during a breast augmentation consultation:

What should I do if something happens to my implants?

Choosing the best breast augmentation surgeon is one of the best ways to protect your new breasts over the long-term. An esteemed and highly experienced plastic surgeon will listen to your worries and ensure your procedure is designed to assuage your biggest concerns. That’s why it’s recommended that patients consider quality over price, as many discounted plastic surgeons will pressure their patients to consider bigger implants that may carry increased risks for ruptures and tears.

It’s also important to note that not all breast implants are created alike; some will have higher risks for tearing and ruptures than other. Therefore, it’s important to find a plastic surgeon who will educate you regarding the risks and benefits associated with each breast implant manufacturer.

What’s more, some breast implants will have more generous product warranties than others. Some breast implant manufacturers will guarantee their implants and offer free replacements, while others will have little to no guarantee available. It’s best for patients to choose breast implant types that have generous product warranties, as this can help decrease the cost of any future corrective or implant replacement surgeries.

One of the best guarantees out there on the market today is the Mentor Enhanced Warranty. Mentor manufactures and warranties all of its gel implants to replace any ruptures. The Mentor Enhanced Warranty covers its implants for 10 years for capsular contracture (Grade 3 and 4), which is the abnormal thickening and scarring of tissue around the implants. These warranties offer financial assistance for patients, which can cover the cost of replacement and hospital fees.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Sean Doherty, MD, recommends that his patients enroll in this extended warranty program, which costs $200.

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