//Who is the Best Candidate for Liposuction?

Who is the Best Candidate for Liposuction?

best liposuction doctorAdmit it: you’ve flirted with the idea of getting liposuction. Maybe you just can’t seem to lose that “mommy tummy,” or maybe your beer belly has gotten out of control. Perhaps you’ve even thought that liposuction can help you get rid of excess fat that’s hiding your lean, trim muscle underneath. Yes, the idea of liposuction is certainly tempting…

But what who is actually the best candidate for liposuction – and are you one of them?

Dr. Sean Doherty is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a practice in Brookline, MA (serving the greater Boston area). As a liposuction specialist, Dr. Doherty uses the following criteria to determine who is the best candidate for liposuction:

  • First of all, it’s important to have the right expectations from your liposuction procedure. If you’re significantly overweight and think that liposuction is going to cure all of your weight loss goals, you’re not approaching it in the right manner. Liposuction is ideal for patients who want to improve their overall shape, and don’t have a significant amount of weight to loss.
  • The best candidates are those who will be able to maintain the results of their liposuction procedures. After all, it would be too frustrating to spend money on the procedure, only to end up gaining weight back due to poor dieting habits and inactivity.
  • The best candidates understand that loose skin might be an issue after a liposuction procedure. This is why Dr. Doherty recommends that patients complement their procedures with skin tightening surgery (for more severe cases) or non-invasive skin tightening lasers. These treatments can make it possible for patients to enjoy the tighter skin that shows off the results of your liposuction procedure.

All in all, the best candidates for liposuction aren’t looking for a fast fix to a bigger problem; instead, they’re patients who have realistic goals and are committed to working hard to maintain these results. But the trouble is well worth it; some of Dr. Doherty’s happiest patients are those have had liposuction, as they feel better in their clothes and feel like they’ve achieved their true shape and size.

To see if you’re a good candidate for liposuction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Doherty at his Brookline, MA practice (serving the greater Boston area) today. You can schedule a consultation by calling the practice at (617) 735.8735 or by filling out the form in the top right corner.

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