//Your Top Pre-Summer Skin Tips

Your Top Pre-Summer Skin Tips

Summer is finally here – and after a long and cruel winter, you’re finally ready to celebrate! But before you start enjoying endless summer days filled with barbeques, beach parties, and sports games, you’ll want to give your skin a little attention and TLC first.

Over the course of winter, your skin isn’t as exposed to as much sunlight as it is during the summer months. That means your skin is much more delicate and sensitive, which often explains why people who don’t wear sunscreen (a big no-no!) tend to get their worst burns during the early summer months.

Whether you spent the winter months snuggling indoors or out enjoying the slopes, here are a few top-notch tips that can help you get your skin ready for summer:

  1. Exfoliate! Cold, dry air has a habit of leading to cracked and dull skin. Introduce an exfoliant into your weekly skincare regimen, or see a skincare professional for an exfoliating facial. Even a microdermabrasion might be a great option if your skin is particularly damaged. Be sure to use a moisturizer with sunscreen in the AM, and layer up on serum and night cream in the PM.
  1. Make sure you hydrate your skin from the inside. Drink plenty of water throughout the day – most experts recommend getting as much as 64 ounces of water daily.
  1. Be vigilant about wearing sunscreen, even if you’re only planning on staying indoors. Use moisturizers with sunscreen, and put a sunscreen lotion on in the morning before you get dressed. If you’re out at the beach or the park, re-apply sunscreen every two hours, or after you sweat or get wet. Remember, there’s no such thing as waterproof sunscreen, so you’ll need to re-apply every time you get out of the water.
  1. Treat sun damage with professional products and treatments. Sean Doherty, MD – a board-certified plastic surgeon with practices in Boston and Brookline, MA – recommends microdermabrasions, IP (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments, and even laser resurfacing treatments for extensive sun damage.

Don’t let winter skin stop you from feeling cool and confident this summer. If you’re ready to achieve smooth, glowing, and healthy skin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Doherty at one of his two practices (Boston, MA and Brookline, MA) today.

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