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The Dysport™ and BOTOX® Cosmetic Procedure

Sean-Doherty-MD-Boston-amp-amp-Concord-MA-Dysport-Neurotoxins are administered directly to the target areas through a series of small injections. Discomfort is minimal and brief. Dr. Doherty will apply a topical anesthetic and an ice roller prior to the procedure to make the injection of either Dysport™ or BOTOX® the most comfortable experience.

After consultation with you, Dr. Doherty will determine where to place the neurotoxin injections for the best results. This is based on what areas are concerning to you. Side effects are few. Immediately after the injection, there may be swelling in the area treated. This subsides soon after the injection with the aid of cool ice packs. Rarely, some patients may bruise slightly at the injection site. This effect is easily covered with makeup and resolves in a few days.

Dr. Doherty recommends that Boston Dysport™ and BOTOX® Cosmetic recipients refrain from heavy physical exercise or facial massage for at least 24 hours after treatment as well as any use of non-tylenol pain medicine (i.e. aspirin or ibuprofen)

Within a few days of a neurotoxin injection, patients see a marked improvement in their frown lines. Dysport™ tends to take effect in 24-36 hours and BOTOX® begins to show its effects in 3-5 days. Both neurotoxins may take up to two weeks to show their full effect. Both Dysport™ and BOTOX® can last up to four months. If you live in Brookline or the surrounding Boston communities and would like to find out if Dysport™ or BOTOX® can help you look and feel your very best contact Sean Doherty, MD today.

The Dysport™ Difference?

Dysport™, an alternative to BOTOX®

The FDA approved Dysport™ for cosmetic and medicinal use in the United States in June 2009. This purified type-A neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum and temporarily prevents the release of acetycholine from sympathetic nerve terminals, This results in a smoothing away of furrows between the brows.

The onset of Dysport™’s muscle relaxing effect may be faster than BOTOX® and may last longer.

Just like BOTOX® Cosmetic, small doses of the toxin are injected into targeted wrinkle-causing muscles preventing the muscle from contracting and effectively reducing the wrinkle’s appearance. Also like BOTOX®, Dysport™, doesn’t require much downtime for recovery. The patient can return immediately to his/her natural activites, play or work.

This new wrinkle relaxer gives patients another choice. Botox® Cosmetic injections ranks in the top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in the United States. Choice is good for patients’ health and budgets.

Dysport™ has been available in the U.K. since the early 1990’s and is licensed in 67 countries worldwide including the United Kingdom and many European markets. Dysport™ continues to be studied, in particular for its reach or diffusion rate—considered to be greater than BOTOX®, able to spread to muscles not intended for treatment. Dr. Doherty is very comfortable using Dysport™ to treat facial wrinkles and looks forward to the possibility of discussing the benefits Dysport™ or BOTOX® may provide to you.

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