Botox Makes People Happier – Here’s Proof!

You already know Botox as one of the best solutions to stubborn forehead lines and wrinkles. You may even know that Botox can stop excessive sweating with just a few carefully placed injections. Now there’s evidence to suggest that Botox can even treat depression, making this one of the most versatile aesthetic treatments on the [...]

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Discover a New Era of Volumization

If you’ve never heard of the term “volumization” before, then it’s time to introduce yourself to the latest technique for turning back the clock. Volumization – which was first used by Sean Doherty, MD at his cosmetic surgery practice in Brookline, MA – refers to the youth-enhancing benefits that come hand-in-hand from using fillers like [...]

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Injectables: How They Promote A More Youthful Glow

Feeling confident and attractive may come from within; however, if your skin looks older and more tired than you feel, you may want to consider a little assistance in achieving your ideal visage. While skin creams and moisturizers can help you look fresher and more revitalized, turning back the clock may often require the assistance [...]

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