Botox Makes People Happier – Here’s Proof!

You already know Botox as one of the best solutions to stubborn forehead lines and wrinkles. You may even know that Botox can stop excessive sweating with just a few carefully placed injections. Now there’s evidence to suggest that Botox can even treat depression, making this one of the most versatile aesthetic treatments on the [...]

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Introducing Juvederm Volbella For Lip Wrinkles

Whether you’re a smoker or an older individual, it’s highly likely that you’ve encountered those small wrinkles that snake out from your lip line. These lip wrinkles – also known as perioral lines – often form due to the loss of volume and collagen around the lips. Additionally, wrinkles can form due to exaggerated and [...]

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Can My Forehead Lines Be Erased?

On an average day, your face is making hundreds – if not thousands – of expressions. From squinting and furrowing your brow to raising your eyebrows with surprise, your forehead is in constant movement. With every movement, it’s more likely that fine lines and deep creases are making their mark across your forehead. Forehead lines [...]

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Concerned with Sweating? Here’s Your Solution!

Now that it’s summer, most people are concerned with keeping sweating at a bare minimum. But for you, sweat isn’t just a summer problem; it’s a debilitating lifestyle issue. You’re not just sweating on the beach, or in 90-degree heat – you’re excessively sweating at all times. It’s enough of a problem that you’ve had [...]

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Turkey Neck or Text Neck? What You Need to Know

These days, it seems like we can’t go an hour without craning our necks to check our smartphones. We’re so busy downloading apps, texting friends, responding to emails, and reading the news that we may not have noticed all this texting has coincided with a dreaded cosmetic issue… Turkey neck! This condition – in which [...]

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Discover the Latest Cosmetic Surgeries for Men

When you think of a typical plastic surgery patient, do you immediately picture a woman? If so, you might need to start making some mental adjustments – because cosmetic surgeries for men is on the rise. In the last five years alone, plastic surgeries for men have increased by a whopping 100% - and this [...]

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Raise Those Eyebrows…With Botox!

As we get older, we (hopefully) get wiser. But with age comes a few new concerns that you may not have had when you were younger – and one of those concerns might be the appearance of your eyebrows. Ever notice that the older someone is, the more it seems as though their eyebrows are [...]

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How to Get Rid of Neck Bands and Necklace Lines

Necklace lines – are the horizontal lines that appear across the neck region. These deep lines can appear later in life, or they can start to manifest at a relatively young age, depending on genetics and lifestyle. These lines can make clients feel self-conscious, as it looks like necklace lines have been embedded into the [...]

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Botox for Men: The Latest and Most Popular Anti-Aging Trend

When you think of the average recipient of a Botox injection, do you picture a woman? As it turns out, you may need to adjust this popular image, as so many men are clamoring for Botox treatments that the phenomenon has coined a new phrase: “Bro-tox.” While celebrity men often admit to receiving Botox treatments, [...]

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